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Klasse Needle Value Packs

Variety packs of five needles each with a handy guide for choosing the right needle for your project.

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  • Klassé Needle Value 8-pack - Variety: One Universal 75/11 pack, one Universal 90/14 pack, one Universal 100/16 pack, one Jeans 90/14 pack, one Quilting 90/14 pack, one Top Stitch 90/14 pack, one Stretch 90/14 pack, and one Leather 100/16 pack (all eight packs contain 5 needles each).

  • Klassé Needle Value 2-pack - Embroidery & Sewing: One Universal 80/12 pack and one Embroidery 75/11 pack. (both packs contain 5 needles each)
  • Klassé Needle Value 2-pack - Quilting & Sewing: One Universal 80/12 pack and one Quilting 80/12 pack.(both packs contain 5 needles each)

  • Ultimate Universal Needle Pack - two 60/8 packs, two 70/10 packs, four 80/12 packs, four 90/14 packs, two 100/16 packs, two 110 packs (each pack contains five needles - 80 needles total.)
Klasse Needle Value Packs Available
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Embroidery & Sewing Needle 2 - Pack
Quilting & Sewing 8-Pack
Quilting and Sewing Needle 2 Pack
Ultimate Universal Needle Pack

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