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Tape Measures

All Hemline measuring tapes are reinforced to eliminate any possibility of stretching or distortion and are recognized worldwide for their quality and durability.

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  • Metric/Imperial Extra Long 3/4"W x 120"L: 3 meter tape used for quilting and home decorating.
  • Retractable Tape Measure: Extra long 300cm/120" retractable tape. Perfect for measuring quilt top, batting and backing.
  • Metric/Imperial tape measure 1/2"W x 60"L
  • Spring Type Premium Quality 60"L: Retractable spring tape are hand tape measure that store neatly in a drawer, sewing box pocket or purse.
  • Premium quality retractable tape measure features a heavy duty spring mechanism for long lasting life. Made in E.E.C.
  • Deluxe Metric/Imperial 3/4"W x 60"L: A wide tape, with colored sections every 10cm.
  • Analogical Metric/Imperial 5/8"W x 60"L: Analogical tpae has metric and imperial measurements combined on one side, for easy conversion.
Tape Measures Available
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Tape Measure Metric/Imperial Extra Long 3/4"W x 120"L
Tape Measure Imperial & Metric 1/2" x 60"
Analogical Tape Measure Metric/Imperial 5/8"W x 60"L
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