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Hemming Tape

For a secure neat finish on hems. Mends tears quickly and easily.

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  • Instant Hemming Tape: Modern style hemming tape that has glue threads woven into one side. Instant hemming covers the raw edge of the hem, and seals it at the same time. Very effective when used on trousers and pants. Available in Black, brown and Grey
  • Hemming Tape: Traditional bias cut hemming tape. simply iron on for a secure, neat finish on hem, or mend tears quickly and easily. Washable and dry cleanable, polyester/cotton bias tape with adhesive on one side. Available in white and black.
  • Hemming Tape Available
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    Hemming Tape - Instant Black 3/4" x 2.2yds
    Hemming Tape - Instant Grey 3/4" x 2.2yds
    Hemming Tape - Black 3/4" x 3.3yds
    Hemming Tape - White 3/4" x 3.3yds

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