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Blue Box Variety Pins

The Hemline Blue Box range of pins features an extensive collection, all supplied in a cleverly designed plastic box with a peel off lid.

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  • Glass Headed: Nickel plated, stretch pin with a glass head, which will no be effected when touched by a hot iron, a must when using the iron to set hems, pleats etc.
  • Flower/Flat Head Pins: Long fine pins with a flat head in a flower design, that can be ironed over. Popular for many uses.
  • Shirt & Bridal: A medium length, fine guage pin, with a large bright pearl head designed for shirt and bridal use.
  • Dressmaker Nickel .60mm: A finer and longer hardened and tempered steel pin.
  • Bridal and Lace: Nickle plated brass pins, rustless for bridal, lace and all applications where a brass pin is required.
  • Household Steel 26mm: An all purpose pin, slightly thicker than a dressmaking pin, suitable for all general use.
  • Plastic Head Pins: Longer size pins with colorful plastic head.
  • Sequin/Bead/Lills: Very short pins made from nickel plated steel, used extensively for craft with polystyrene, and for sequin and bead work.
  • T Pins: Long and thick pins used for macrame, wigs and craft work.
  • Twist Pins - Spiral Shaft: A special pin tha can be twisted into soft wood, furnishing materials etc, for a strong hold. Used extensively for home furnishings.
  • Craft Pins - Brass: Short pins made from brass, used extensively for craft with polystyrene and bead work.
  • Quilting: Extra long pins with easy to see yellow heads for quilting.
  • Dressmaker Nickel .68mm: Hardened and tempered steel pins, in the most popular size for dressmaking.
Blue Box Variety Pins Available
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Pins Glass Headed 34mm/1 3/8"
Pins Flower/Flat Head 47mm/1 7/8"
Pins Dressmaker Nickel 30mm/1 1/8"
Pins Bridal & Lace 25mm/1"

Pins Household Steel 26mm/1"
Pins Sequin/Bead/Lills 13mm/1/2"
Pins Craft - Brass 20mm/3/4"
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