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Misc. Aides

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  • Needle Grabber: Soft rubber pliable discs to grip the needle and pull it through thick and difficult projects.
  • Paraffin Wax: Run thread through the groove in the plastic container to coat it with bees wax. This stabilizes thread and prevents twisting and knotting.
  • Point Turner & Button Gauge: Use to form crisp points and well-shaped pocket and garment turnings by gently shaping from the inside. The other end of this handy tool features a button gauge to measure shanks on two and four-hole buttons.
  • Pocket Template: Handy template, with 4 different curves, to help create straight edge pockets consistently.
  • Latch Hook: Quality tool with a comfortable wooden handle, for making handmade rugs, mats and wallhangings etc.
  • Elastic Glides: Excellent aid for threading various widths of elastic through shorts, pajamas and swimwear etc. Stops twisting.
  • Third Hand Clamp: A useful tool which mounts to a bench or table and provides an instant clamping system when a "third hand" is needed.
  • Loop Turner: Use to make dainty button loops, spaghetti straps, elegant lingerie straps and fine lengths of rouleau.
Misc. Aides Available
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Needle Grabbers- 2 Pack
Pocket Template
Loop Turner
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