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Marking Pencils & Accessories

A variety of marking pencils and accessories for your sewing needs.

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  • Fabric Eraser: No smear eraser which removes light pencil markings from fabric.
  • Pencil - Water Soluble: Mark sewing, cutting and quilting lines easily on dark fabrics. This pencil will brush off and is water soluble.
  • Template Marking Pencil: Use with plain or printed template plastic to mark cutting lines, grain lines and label pieces.
  • Dressmaking Pencils: Quality fabric marking pencils, supplied with plastic lid to protect points.
  • Dressmaking Pencils with Brush (3 assorted colors): Light applications can be removed with the brush, also water soluble (wash out).
Marking Pencils & Accessories Available
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Fabric Eraser
Pencil Water Soluble White
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