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Madeira Tear-Away Stabilizers

The temporary stabilizers that are easy to remove after stitching is complete. Recommended for medium to heavyweight fabrics and densely stitched embroidery designs.

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  • Cotton Soft: 12" x 11yds, non-woven with a smooth finish and soft feel, available in white and black.
  • A wonderful choice for all types of machine embroidery, monogramming, decorative stitching and cut work. Does an excellent job of preventing fabric shifting during stitching and produces super-clean edges. The natural cotton fibers make it environmentally friendly and extremely soft and comfortable against the skin. Ideal for appliqué or as a backing for buttonholes.

  • Cotton Stable: 12" x 5.5yds, iron-on, soft, non-woven, white only.
  • Ideal for stretch fabrics, such as T-shirts, jerseys and knits, especially good as a backing for making buttonholes in these kind of stretchy materials. Its iron-on coating produces a light adhesive effect, allowing for the quick removal of Cotton Stable when stitching is complete without leaving any sticky residue. Also works well for appliqués and computer prints.

  • Cotton Fix: 10" x 3.3yds, non-woven with paper backed release sheet, white only.
  • An excellent choice for adhering small items within a larger machine embroidery hoop -- no need to baste items to the stabilizer. Also works very well for embroidery without a hoop, allowing you to avoid hoop marks on delicate or sensitive fabrics, like velvet, suede and silk. Ideal for embroidering details on cuffs, collars, pockets and caps. Can be used on stretchy fabrics that are otherwise hard to hold in place for stitching, like knits and jerseys.

Madeira Tear-Away Stabilizers Available
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Cotton Soft Black Tear-Away Stabilizer
Cotton Stable Tear-Away Stabilizer
Cotton Fix Tear-Away Stabilizer
Tear Away Cotton Soft Whiite

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