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The QuiltPro Plus IV

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CraftPro Plus lV

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CraftPro Plus IV Retail Base Price: $3,799
CraftPro Plus IV Special Club Base Price: $2,999
You Save: $800
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CraftPro Plus lV Available
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Canadian Maple
American Walnut
North American Oak
Brazilian Cherry

African Ebony
Asian Golden Teak
English White Ash
American Birdseye Maple

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CraftPro Plus lV

Item No: 70150049

African Ebony


Machine Insert: We strongly recommend you add-on a machine insert custom-cut to your machine’s exact make and model. This insert fits around your machine in the sewing position to provide a smooth, continuous surface. Since the CraftPro Plus IV has TWO machine platforms, you should order TWO inserts. Click your choice of matching wood or clear acrylic using the check boxes below, then enter your machine information in the text box below. ENTER YOUR FIRST MACHINE MAKE/MODEL FOLLOWED BY A COMMA FOLLOWED BY YOUR SECOND MACHINE MAKE/MODEL. (if you do not wish to add on an insert, please enter "none" below):


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Club Price:
You Save:
Add-ons available at time of order only:  
3 inch Overall Cabinet Height Modification - $149.00
Custom Cut Matching Wood Machine Insert - $149.00
Outback Shelves - $199.00
Second Custom Cut Wood Machine Insert - $149.00
Outback Shelves Second Set of 2 - $199.00
Custom Cut Acrylic Machine Insert - $149.00
Door Shelves - Set of 4 - $159.00
Second Custom Cut Acrylic Machine Insert - $149.00
Thread Treasure Chest - in Matching Cabinet Finish - Empty - $199.00
SewComfort Chair XL: matching base with JADE cushion - $249.00
Madeira Rayon Thread Set to fill Thread Treasure Chest - $199.00
SewComfort Chair XL: matching base with MOCHA cushion - $249.00
Madeira Aerofil Thread Set to fill Thread Treasure Chest - $179.00
SewComfort Chair XL: matching base with SAPPHIRE cushion - $249.00
Set of 5 Thread and Notions Storage Boxes - $69.00
SewComfort Chair XL: matching base with WINE cushion - $249.00
XL Thread Storage Boxes – Set of 4 - $69.00
Total: $
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