Storage & Shelving Kit
Add Ons
Storage & Shelving KitThe optional drawer bin fits in the bottom drawer to create upper and lower storage options.
Storage & Shelving KitRemove the drawer bin and fill the deep drawer all the way to the top with fabric and notions. Storage & Shelving KitThe drawer bin fits snugly in the drawer and is the perfect size for Madeira stabilizer packs.
Storage & Shelving KitThe drawer bin can also fit in either regular drawer to help you organize. Storage & Shelving KitWe’ve made sure the five storage boxes fit perfectly in the deep bottom drawer.
Storage & Shelving KitPerfect for fat quarters; pull out the bin and work with it on top of the cabinet. Storage & Shelving KitOr... stack your storage right on the work surface; at time of order, you can add-on an additional set of 5 boxes as well as a set of 4 XL thread storage boxes for your 1,100 yard spools and mini cones.
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